NATO Tiger Meet 2021 exclusive philatelic emission

Today, on the 2nd of May 2021, The Portuguese Air force and The Portuguese Post Office (CTT) introduced, in Air Base Nº11, in Beja, the NATO Tiger Meet 2021 (NTM2021) exclusive philatelic emission.

The president of the cultural and historical committee, Lieutenant-general António Mimoso e Carvalho, along with the director of Air operations Brigadier-general João Caldas, the Air Base Nº11 commander, Colonel Paulo Costa, and the NTM2021 Exercise Control, colonel Carlos Lourenço, and the 301-squadron commander – “Jaguars” as well as the remaining participating squadron commanders, and also the director of The Portuguese Post Office, Dr. Raul Moreira, all attended the philatelic emission.

The stamps illustrate the evolution of the most significant “Tiger” aircraft paint jobs of Squadron 301- “jaguars”. Starting with the Fiat F91, with which Portugal premiered in the first NTM, in 1978, in Belgium, and up to the F-16 AM.

The president of the Cultural and historical committee of the Air Force, Lieutenant-General António Mimoso e Carvalho, seized the moment to historically fit the NATO Tiger Meet and to honor Colonel Donald “Don” Verhees, who was one of the founders of the NATO Tiger Meet exercise in 1961. Regarding the philatelic emission, Lieutenant-General António Mimoso e Carvalho, stated that “The postcard is a meaningful and unusual connection that can contribute to our emotional health and sense of community, but also to stay in touch with the people who matter to you”.

In a symbolic gesture, the attendees cancelled the commemorative stamp and signed the postcards.

The limited-edition stamps can be bought at “Tiger CTT”, inside Air Base Nº11, in official CTT stores and at the Portuguese Air Force Air Museum.

Previous to this presentation, The Air Commander, Lieutenant-general Eurico Craveiro, unveiled the F-16 AM aircraft paint job allusive to the NTM2021. This artistic project is of the Squadron 301 – “jaguars” authorship.

The official NTM2021 opening ceremony, will take place on the 14th of May 2021 under the Portuguese Air Force organization.