NTM2021 is intended to be a high level tactical exercise, where the participating squadrons can attain valuable and realistic training;

 We will operate day and night, in a multi domain environment, against a robust airborne, land & sea based threat;

 We want to maximize integration and interoperability with NATO & Partnership for Peace members, and share learning points;

 We want to create an environment where the well-known Tiger Spirit can flourish, harmoniously with the Traditions & Customs of the NATO Tiger Association.


Missions are divided in two types: COMAO missions and Shadow/Panther missions:

 COMAO missions (Composite Air Operations) will cover the complete spectrum of NATO air operations with large force employment; from defending its own territory from enemy aggression to offensive operations targeting sea & land based targets, all of this by facing modern-world threats;

 Shadow and Panther missions are smaller scale missions, where some specific operations can be trained by request of the flying units. Some examples of these are:

 Close Air Support, in coordination with the ground troops;

 Vehicle Interdiction or Hostage Rescue, where a helicopter-focused package will command the operation, with support of the fighters;

 Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM), where fighter aircraft will fight a "one-on-one" dogfight;

The Shadow missions are flown during daytime, and the Panther missions are flown during nighttime.